Saturday, 5 March 2011

Better Motto

Fuck Bitches Get Money
This rule of life gives benefit to both sides. Now you can have bitches, AND get money! What you have to do, is  make sure the bitch has money, then go into her house and fuck her, steal her money while she sleeps, and run. Or become an adult movie star and have intercourse for money.
Intercourse with females acquire currency.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Money Over Bitches

Whatever you do in life, don't let anyone, not even bitches, come in between you and your money. Not saying be greedy, but money ALWAYS wins in the longrun. So if your bitch wants you to take some time off work to go on vacation, tell her you'd rather work and get money, get paid, or get a series of sandwhiches made. And then smack her. To survive in life, you need to have money. Sure sex is fun, but it's not gonna pay the bills.